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<<Within the first 10 years of practice>>

A lot is in flux the first few years after being called to the Bar. You are excited and ready to take on the world, but are also uncertain and have many unanswered questions. The learning curve is steep and immense.

What can you do to establish yourself as a legal professional and demonstrate your value to your employer (your own firm or other legal adventure)? How do you gain a strong foothold in this early yet defining phase of your career? What are the core skills to focus on at this stage?

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<<Have kids in their first 10 formative years>>

During their first 10 years of life, children experience tremendous growth and development in so many ways including cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally. They absorb information and knowledge like a sponge; they grow and develop so rapidly that before you know it, the tiny baby in your embrace has become a little person displaying his/her own personality and individuality.

As a parent, you are also learning and adapting to being a parent for the first or nth time. Without a doubt, each growth phase comes with its own challenges, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world! Seeing their first smiles, witnessing their first steps, and hearing them say “I love you” for the first time are the most pure, precious, and rewarding moments.

However, the daily grind and obstacles you face as a parent, specifically a working parent, are real. How do you manage a work-life balance without losing sight of what is important to you?

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Adding the Dual 10 challenges together, the pressure and obstacles have quadrupled and seem insurmountable. It’s an emotion roller coaster with infinite ups and downs. You are excited, you are frustrated, you are happy, you are in despair, you feel blessed, and you are exhausted. You are in a constant tug-of-war and feel you are at your wits’ end…

But fear not, you are not alone! Let's head to the Fireside Chat and find out what our trusted advisors have to share!

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